Innoplast is the flagship division of Innocorp Ltd. The Company offers a suite of manufacturing facilities to cater to various needs of plastic industries. Innoplast has established expertise in manufacturing high quality of injection moulded plastic items. Its mission is to be a right choice for its customers by sourcing effective and quality products.

Innoplast offers Contract manufacturing facilities at lower than Industry average cost and unbeatable advantage of customization, innovation and yet ensure high quality of the products at minimum production costs.

Innoplast has over 10 years of experience in Injection Moulding and producing various plastic items and furniture. The unit is located within the city limits and its strategic location, in proximity to the market, serves the process needs in terms of availability and supply of raw material, manpower, and finished goods.

All the required Plant & Machinery and other facilities are installed at the state of the art manufacturing unit spread across 25,000 sq. ft. situated at IDA Mallapur, Hyderabad.

The Plastic division has highly qualified and well-experienced professional and state of the art technical resources. This ensures the smooth running of the company and as it continues to works with well-known multi-national branded companies. Innoplast has gained wide unparallel expertise in injection moulding, mould loading/unloading and quality assurance due to each customer’s specific need and requirements which it caters too.

Innoplast implements and follows stringent policies and procedures which are thoroughly monitored at regular intervals at the plastic manufacturing plant to ensure minimal recycling and reproducing thereby reducing the product cost significantly.

Innoplast has been appreciated and approved by many prestigious customers the likes of Tupperware®, Nilkamal Plastics, Supreme Plastics, Polyset Plastics, as their preferred supplier for plastic manufacturing over the past 10 years.

Strength of Innoplast

  • Well established and time tested customer network & relations
  • Only manufacturer of Tupperware® outside their own facilities in South East Asia.
  • Dynamic Market oriented Management Policies;
  • Crossed several stringent quality barriers of National & International bodies.
  • Committed Managerial & Technical team to spearhead the R & D activities.

Innoplast Product Range of manufacturing:
Innoplast can cater to the following categories of plastic manufacturing:

  • Consumer Durables like chairs, stools, tables etc.. upto 3000 Gr/Pc.
  • Engineering Plastics upto a unit weight of 2400 Grams.
  • Thermoplastic Insulators.
  • Components for washing machines, refrigerators etc.,
  • Other moulded wares, as per customer specific requirements.
Infrastructure of Innoplast

The Company has two-injection molding machines of L&T Demag make with 350 Ton, 500 Ton and 850 Ton capacities. These machines are fully engaged for manufacturing various plastic products and plastic furniture for various customers. The technical data of the above machines is as below:

2 tables Injection Unit
ITEMS Unit AD-850 LT-500 LT–350
Screw Diameter mm 100 90 70
Injection Pressure kg/cm2 1622 1517 1698
Theoretical Shot Value cm3 3412 2577 1212
Shot Weight of Injection gm 3590 2345 1092
Injection rate Cm 3/sec 1232 567 311
  gm/sec 1108 510 280
Plasticizing Capacity kg/hour 803 298 138  
  (PS) gm/sec 223 83 38.50

Mold Clamping Unit

Screw rotation speed rpm 195    
Clamping Force MT 850 500 350
Mold Clamping Stroke mm 1000 810 600
Mold Thickness mm 350 -1200            300-820 330-770
Maximum Day Light mm 2200 1630 1370
Suggested minimum
mold dimension
mm 625 x 625    
Distance between Tie
bars (H x V) mm 960 x 960            810 x 810 630x630
Mold Platen (H x V) mm 1480x1480 1200x1200 940x940
Ejector Stroke mm 240 200 200

Other Manufacturing Facilities:

Facility Description
Material Loaders   Innocorp has material loaders of L&T
make which were equipped with the L&T
Machines itself for optimum usage of
materials, to avoid delays in
material/color mixing and to assure the
high quality of the product.

Air Compressor

ATLAS CAPCO Air compressors of   18.5KW capacity with Max. pressure of 7.5 Bar and Free Air Delivery L/S 54.3  
ELGI Compressor of 5.5 KW capacity with Max. Pressure Kgf/cm2 – 12 and Air Receiver Capacity 250 ltrs.
Crane 10 Ton Capacity Crane for loading and unloading of molds.

Generator                                 Generator of 320 KVA Capacity

Cooling Tower                          Cooling Tower pump capacities - 9.3,2.2 and 2.2 KW with RPM 2900

Air Dryer Motor
Capacity 80 Walts with 0.36 Amps

Grinding Machines
Grinding Machine - Motor capacity 15 KW
and small grinding machines of 5.5 KW capacity

 Storage Space

      Innocorp has adequate storage space for Raw materials and Finished Goods storage.