Prasad VSS Garapati
Founder & Chairman and Managing Director

Innocorp is promoted by Mr. Prasad VSS Garapati, an MCom graduate having more than 25 years experience in this industry and allied lines. He is well traveled and is actively associated with NRIs’ from USA and GULF countries. He is also the Chairman, Regional Sub Committee and Member, National Working Committee of ELECTRONICS AND COMPUTER SOFTWARE EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL. Being the regional Chairman, Southern region, Electronics and Computers Software Export Promotion Council (ESC), Mr. Garapati is playing a major role in the promotion of software exports from India. He is a member of various social organizations and is well connected. His attitude in allowing a free hand to the managers has nurtured many a professional managers.

A proficient & powerful speaker and visionary, Prasad Garapati is never averse to take a calculated risk and ensure that the risk metamorphoses into a reward.

Once committed to a task, he makes it a passion to complete it at the earliest possible time with the least resources.

Mrs. K. Saraswathi
Executive Director

Smt. K. Saraswathi is a Graduate in Science. She has 10 years of work experience in Administration and production of home appliances and consumable durables. She looks after the day-to-day operations at the factory controlling the areas relating to production and dispatches of goods.

Mr. D Madhusudhan Rao

Mr. Madhusudhan Rao is a practiced CA, having expertise in managing a Hi-Tech print industry for security, variable data, telephone scratch card printing and also developed new technologies for conducting examininations for various institutions successfully.

Mr. Sahu Garapati

Mr. Sahu Garapati is an Engineering Graduate with MBA, in marketing & operations from S.P.Jain Institute of Management is the young brain behind the production facilities in Innocorp. He was earlier managing the company's operations in Dubai.

Sri. Venkaiah Doniparthi
NRI Director

Mr.Venkaiah is a diploma holder in Civil Engineering (India) and Mechanical Engineering (USA). He worked as Design Engineer in USA and erected the projects like Power Plant, Nuclear Power Plant etc., He is also a consulting Engineer to the City of Chicago (Government) besides being President of Induswear Import and Founder Committee, Buchireddy Palem, Andhra Pradesh.

Cherukuri Subrahmanyam

Sri Cherukuri Subrahmanyam aged about 64 years is a Diploma Holder in Electrical. He was AE in APCPDCL and served more that 31 years in different categories in the same state government organization.